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The benefits of humming and voice toning

Humming – Why Hum?

We can all hum and in its simplicity, humming is a very effective way of creating calm and focus as we live our daily lives.  As vibratory beings, we can use the vibrations of our voice to bring harmony and coherence of the mind and body. Research has shown that the benefits of humming go beyond self-soothing.  If you can allow yourself to sit for just 5-10 minutes per day and practise conscious humming, then sitting in silence for 5 minutes, you’ll notice that the body responds accordingly.

The therapeutic effects of humming include:

  • Feeling more relaxed & calm, thus reducing stress

  • Improved sleeping habits – melatonin is released

  • Slower heart rate – less hormonal stress

  • Activation of powerful neurochemicals such as endorphins and oxytocin

  • Increased lymphatic circulation – to be rid of toxins

  • Increased levels of Nitric Oxide – helping your blood to blood more easily

  • Increased levels of Melatonin – improved sleep & immune system

  • Stimulation of the vagus nerve – bringing the nervous system into balance


Before you hum, decide on an intention – how would you like to benefit from your practice of humming today?  It’s beneficial to practise humming in nature – standing under a tree or walking on the beach barefoot and appreciate the benefits of earthing and feeling relaxed.  Teach your children or grandchildren to hum with you – it’s fun !!          

Adapted from the book:  ‘The Humming Effect – sound healing for health and happiness’ by Jonathan and Andi Goldman. In these videos I demonstrate different ways you can practise humming.


Humming the stress away - humming practiceBarbara Jackson
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Voice Toning

Our voice is a wonderful generator of restoration and balance to the body and soul. Ted Andrews claims that ‘ The voice is an expression of our spirit and character.  Our thoughts and the source of our thoughts influence the quality of our vocal sound, the timbre and the rhythm.’ The understanding that the human voice has the capacity to heal is common among Shamans and other spiritual leaders.  Religions and indigenous communities world-wide have created songs, mantras & choral masses to enhance their inner consciousness to generate a deep state of personal sacred awareness & peace.  Chanting a mantra or toning vowel sounds repeatedly to rejuvenate the energetic system creates a reverberation, even when the chanting stops – the sound continues within. Breath is important to the process of voice toning.  When we voice tone a specific vowel sound for each Chakra we can breathe deeply into those specific areas to enhance the energy of that region. The benefits for humming also apply to Voice Toning – you can integrate into your daily life. When we hum or voice tone in a group the energy generated multiplies, creating an amazing  feeling of softness, love and harmony. Adapted from the book:  ‘Sacred Sounds: Magic & healing through words & music.’

To experience and practise voice toning of  ahhhhhhh – the heart chakra with Jonathan Goldman, click this link for a free download:

For a complete voice toning experience of chakra chants, you can purchase Jonathan Goldman’s MP3 – a choral recording of all the vowels – chakras – root urh / sacral  oo / solar plexus  ohh / heart  ahhh / throat  I / 3rd eye  aye / crown  eee. Here is the link:

When you practise these tones have the intention of healing each chakra centre. You can practise this individually or in a group.  Have fun raising your vibrations !!

Crystal Bowls Barbara Jackson - Mind Heart Coherence

Barbara Jackson
Crystal Bowls Barbara Jackson - Mind Heart Coherence
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Crystal Bowls Barbara Jackson - Mind Heart Coherence

Crystal Bowls Barbara Jackson - Mind Heart Coherence

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Crystal Bowls Barbara Jackson - How sound therapy affects the brain

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10 Minute Meditation 'Shower of Harmonics' - Taking You On A Journey Of Self Relaxation

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